BAV Data

Collection of observational results by BAV-observers of eclipsing binaries,
short- and longperiod pulsating stars, cataclysmic and eruptive variables

69.522 maxima and minima from the BAV Mitteilungen number 1 to 246, for the time from 1948 till 2017

1. Overview

The collection contains all maxima and minima, which have been observed since 1950. They had been published in the BAV Mitteilungen No. 1 (1950) till No. 246 (2017). Overall these are 69.522 maxima und minima which were observed since 1948.

Observed were eclipsing binaries, short- and longperiod pulsating variables, cataclysmic and eruptive variables.

Nearly all the maxima and minima are documented by lightcurve-sheets which also contain the complete evaluation. They can be obtained from the office of the BAV.

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2. The Files

The following files are part of the collection:

BAVD_MM_DOC_R14          This documentation

BAVD_MM_DOK_R14          Documentation in german language

BAVD_MM_TOM_R14.txt     Times of Minima and Maxima (ASCII-file)

BAVD_MM_TOM_R14.xlsx Times of Minima and Maxima (Excel-file)

BAVD_MM_REM_R14.txt     Index of the remaks used in the file „TOM“

BAVD_MM_BOB_R14.txt     List of the BAV-Observers

BAVD_MM_MOD_R14.pdf    Modifications compared to the BAV Mitteilungen

3. Usufruct

If the data are used for further publications, please refer to the source of the date: „Data of the Bundesdeutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Veränderliche Sterne (BAV) e.V.“.

4. Notes to the data

There are many minima and maxima from stars, which have preliminary designations at the time of publication.
On an regular base final designations are published in the „name lists of the IAU“. These final designations are used in the present collection.

The following types of variables are part of the collection:
-    Eclipsing binaries                         E, EA, EB, EW
-    Shortperiod pulsating stars            RR, RRAB, RRC, DSCT, SXPHE, CEP, DCEP, CW
-    Longperiod pulsating stars             M, L, SR, RV
-    Eruptives and Cataclysmics           ZAND, RCB, UG, IN, N.

In the following text the abbreviation "BAVM" is used for the "BAV Mitteilungen No."..

In all data files each record consists of fixed length data fields.Thus it will be easy to look to the data with a simple editor. Each data field is terminated by a „|“ character.


Joachim Hübscher, February 2017


Notice: Here you will find all data as ZIP-file